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Point Lookout Vineyards is a given. From the spectacular 30-mile view of the Blue Ridge to the wine, this is the place to meet, so I'll see you there. XO 




The first is an optional stop but recommended - Chimney Rock/Lake Lure

IF YOU START your tour IN CHIMNEY ROCK, THE REST OF THE STOPS ARE A BREEZE TO GET TO. The Nix Pumpkin Patch could be next, and Grandad's Apple Farm is just down the road. 


Chimney Rock Villagethis gorgeous little village is a charming stop in the middle of the mountains. Fall is an iffy time for this seasonal town. That said, there are adorable little shops/boutiques, gem mines, fudge shops, and, of course, Chimney Rock itself, which you can tour during operating hours.


Lake Lure Flowering Bridge—Visiting this adorably decorated, BOOK THEMED BRIDGE is worth a stop. The walk is nothing short of whimsical.

The flowering bridge is located between Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure. If you're coming from Chimney Rock Village, there is a small parking lot on the left-hand side at the foot of the bridge.


Lake Lure—Parts of the movie Dirty Dancing were filmed in Lake Lure, which is a two-minute drive from Chimney Rock Village.  


#1 The Nix Pumpkin Patch—Locally owned and may very well be the setting of a future scene in Ravenhood Legacy. Make sure to check out their homemade goodies and handmade crafts, along with their gorgeous pumpkins and gourds. 


#2 Grandad's Apple Farm— An absolute must!

This is where the "midnight picnic" takes place with Sean and Cecelia in "Flock." Be sure to stop by this gorgeous locally owned farm to check out their locally made goods! While you're there, grab your *complimentary spiced apple donut on signing day!  

*Must show your A Taste of Triple ticket to get your complimentary donut! 


#3 Beauty Mark Salon—Layla’s salons. Layla’s character is based on my hairdresser, Cassie.  Make sure if you stop by to take a snap, you poke your head in and say hi to Amy, the owner, and the rest of the Beauty Mark gals! You can also pick up a bottle of locally made CBD.


#4 Main Street in Hendersonville IS Main Street in the fictional Triple Falls

Make some time to stroll down this charming little slice of Americana. Take snaps with the painted bears, and check out the local shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Also on Main— Main Street is where the annual Apple Festival takes place every year.

Just in front of the municipal building is where the stage goes and where Sean and Cecelia danced to "Keep on Smilin'" in Exodus.  Main is where Sean's parents' fictional restaurant, "The Pitt Stop," was daydreamed up. I based it loosely on Mike's on Main (fifties-style diner), though the interior of The Pitt Stop is a bit different.

Main Street is also featured in A Plight Before Christmas during the 'Mystery Rudolph' shopping trip. 


#5 "Blue lights on Kanuga." Kanuga Road turns into Crab Creek Road. This is a beautiful drive and where I picture Cecelia air surfing in either Sean's Nova or Dom's Camaro. It's also one of the roads noted in the police chase (Sean and Cecelia) at the end of Flock. 

Honorable Mention: At the start of Kanuga Road is Norm's Mini Mart Gas Station. Do I think a gas station is a fun stop? LOL, no, but this is where I got some inspiration, like the laundry scene/Smiling Selma. 


#6 Johnson Family FarmThis family owned farm is right off Kanuga road and will be featured in a future Raven Legacy book. Make sure to stop by and say hi to Kelly and her staff on your tour and check out their shop for locally made goods, farm fresh produce, and other specialty items! 


#7 Moore Cove Falls Waterfall—Sean and Cecelia's picnic on her birthday in Flock. It's a ¼-mile (pretty easy) hike. You can actually hang out behind the waterfall. Looking Glass Falls is a larger waterfall on the same road once you leave Moore Cove. Triple Falls isn't far, either, if you want to check that one out.


#8 Blue Ridge Parkway— This drive should NOT be missed by anyone motoring into Hendersonville (Triple Falls). The parkway has spectacular views, and the prime time to see it is in the fall.

TIP: If you start the drive down the Parkway from the interstate entrance (I-26), you can actually get to Moore Cove Falls first and hit the rest of the stops in reverse order, as it's basically one large loop.


#9 Pretty Place Chapel—Delphine's sunset scene from One Last Rainy Day.

Pretty Place is around a 45-minute drive from Triple Falls (Hendersonville).  Fall is a busy time, and numerous weddings take place here, so if you plan on visiting, make sure to call and see if any events are happening that day. Is it worth the drive? To me, absolutely. The view is incredible.  



These are both located on Main Street:

Mezzaluna—I love their spinach ravioli (Italian and more).

Mike's on Main—I love their egg salad and shakes. (Fifties-style diner with a malt/shake counter.)

Caro-mi—Located on the outskirts of Tryon, about a 30-minute drive from Hendersonville. Dining in this amazing little homestyle restaurant is like traveling back in time. It's BYOB, and CASH ONLY $$.

Caro-mi is only open on certain weekdays in the evenings, so make sure to call and make a reservation. Part of the charm of this place is that you have to cross a drawbridge over a mountain stream to get to this riverside restaurant, where rocking chairs await a relaxing view overlooking the stream. I recommend going as early as possible in daylight hours, as it's a bit of a twisty mountain ride, and cell reception is close to non-existent.


One of my favorite places to eat is The Red Stag Grill at The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's worth it. The hotel itself is quaint but gorgeous and has both a classy spa and an art gallery.

*Reservation required.


Asheville, a much larger mountain town, is about 25 minutes north of Hendersonville. Downtown is awesome, and there is tons of shopping and restaurants.


The Biltmore Estate is pretty spectacular, especially this time of year. They have a winery and garden as well.


Wineries and Breweries EVERYWHERE! – there are a large number of wineries and breweries both in Hendersonville and in and around Asheville.


Sierra Nevada Brewery—LOVE THIS PLACE. The beer is cheap due to it being brewed on-site, and the atmosphere is awesome. They give tours of the brewery as well if that's your bag.